Ressurrection Graves™ is the Founder & CEO of Invincible Vision™, a conglomerate (family of brands) in real estate, property management, insurance and business education. Her brokerages operate in the DMV, that is DC, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.

Ressurrection Graves™ is a Business and Principal Real Estate Broker, Investment Fund and Property Manager. She has been practicing real estate since 2016 and entrepreneurship for 25+ years.
She is also founder of HiHPI™ Holdings, the parent company of patent pending insurance policies Homeless Insurance™ and Homeless Prevention Insurance™. Ressurrection Graves™ created this insurance to be used by all 4 million people in the United States, and to be used worldwide to eradicate homelessness. We have insurance for everything in our lives except the human body, life itself; to protect it from the elements, to secure its safety and security; to sustain it through poverty and bouts of homelessness due to conditions outside of one’s immediate control. This patent, these policies provide the cure unemployment, underemployment, lack of affordable housing, healthcare costs and delayed disability benefits have created.

She is the Founder of three. six. nine.™, a private equity firm whose concentration is business and commercial real estate acquisitions. She raises capital through various funds and manages those funds for investors alongside her team. She develops funds that cater to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

She has been a published poet since 1993, a public speaker since 1998 and a published author since 1999. She was a shooting guard and made her debut in the tots choir at four years old. Most people want to golf and talk about business, Ressurrection Graves™ prefers a basketball court, a cipher with music and poetry or a sea adventure.

Her favorite food is chocolate and her favorite person is Deven, her husband who is a military veteran, real estate investor and government worker who travels the world with her, somewhere between their next Scuba Dive or Dirty Wine and co-hosts a podcast about their marriage, We Need Therapy™.

Ressurrection, who travels from Washington, DC is available to do keynote, speaking or media appearances and speaks to colleges and universities, congregations and corporate conferences in and out of the United States of America. She can be reached via WhatsApp for Business or on US telephone by calling 202-717-7377 (RESS).