Budget Breakthrough Bootcamp


Budget Breakthrough Bootcamp: Learn how to have a budget breakthrough and not one that breaks you.

Learn how to create a budget that will not break you, but helps you to breakthrough financial burden into a world of plenty.

This is a 90-day membership for anyone with a pulse that has a budget, has never created a budget or even hates the word budget. We’re going to walk through my real live budgets and yours who volunteer, to discuss winning strategies for your individual budget plan. We will create a comprehensive budget that you can stick to and we’re going to help you to apply it to any budgets you create for the rest of your life.
* Literally anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of budgeting and desiring to create a strategy for home or business finances.
Maybe you want to start a business, take a vacation, invest in real estate, overcome poverty or build great wealth.
Whatever your motivation to create budgets and track your money with intention, this membership will provide you with enough knowledge of how to reach and exceed your money goals.
How will I teach you this? I’m glad you asked:
  • Budget 101: You will learn more about budgets than you ever want to know. This quick but in-depth overview is intended to create perspective, teach you how flexible and firm a budget can be; how to create one that fits your needs now and later; how personal and business budgets are treated differently.
  • Budget Breakthrough: We will reference money principles with a biblical worldview that can be used to build both your faith and financial freedom.
  • Budget Mastery: You will be challenged to build multiple types of budgets. You’ll create a plan for the next five years that will be tweaked as you grow.
Want to buy a house, car, invest in insurance, stocks or real estate? When should you do it? How should you do it? Does your budget leave clues?
  • You will receive a webinar ($3750)
  • Once per month live Q&A ($2850)
  • Email Blast with FAQ from your group once per week. ($500)
  • Sixty-Day check in thirty minute call with Ressurrection one on one. ($937.50)
  • One free month of Morsels to Millions Society after your completion of the Budget. ($495 Value)
The cost of all of this is $297 per month.
I look forward to helping you budget your way to billions through our Budget Breakthrough Bootcamp.
Disclaimer : course is set to begin January 1, 2021.

Target Audience

  • Non-Accounting Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Housewives or Budget Managers
  • People steeped in debt
  • College students
  • Professionals