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CrossUP Credit is a short term mentorship, and membership program for individuals seeking to
improve their personal credit in order to qualify for a business credit card or line of credit. In
addition, this program can be used by homeowners who are wanting to qualify to purchase real
estate with their personal or business credit.

This is an inhouse program intended to be synonymous with or prerequisite to coaching that you
obtain from Invincible Vision™ and is an a la carte service.
Have you ever heard of the term “PiggyBacking”? Have other people told you to go buy
tradelines, or to become an authorized user on someone’s account?

PiggyBacking is legal. It is legal for someone to “rent” your credit and get a “piggyback”
ride as an authorized user so that they have trade lines in good standing that boosts
their credit.




For our clients, we want to help give you the opportunities that should be made available to you.
This program is very simple. Here’s what we have to offer:

  1. Credit Report Audit
  2. Dispute Letters sent by us directly to the credit bureaus
  3. Credit Report Monitoring for the duration of your account with us
  4. You become an authorized user with three tradelines







Description of Credit Cards:

1. Personal Credit Cards
3. Credit Limits: $7500, $8000, and $20,000
4. Visa, Mastercard and Amex respectively
5. Perfect payment histories
6. 10% or below / credit used
7. Reports within the first ten days of each month

$500 Initiation Fee
– This covers your credit report review and initial letters sent to the credit bureaus.
$500 One-time Consultation Fee
– This covers mentoring and coaching you regarding your specific credit history, and
auditing your budgets; providing financial tools to help you with future credit success.
$2400 per month with a three month commitment
– This covers your cost associated with becoming an authorized user.


What is your refund policy?

Invincible Vision™ Business Institute does not offer refunds for this program, as the information
provided cannot be returned. Additionally, we are not responsible for what clients do outside of
the guidance and expertise that we provide.

Do I have to purchase the “Authorized User” portion?

YES, unless you are a in the process of purchasing a home and are referred directly from your mortgage lender or real estate agent. We do a limited number of these per month as this program is designed to include the credit card program. What are your requirements?

You will sign a one page document that will come separately, via email after you have paid through the website.

How many consultations will I receive?

You will receive one consultation that will last between one hour and ninety minutes when you have included the entire package.

How long does it take to improve my credit?

We cannot say this until reviewing your credit report. Most immediate changes are made within