Millions to Millinneum™


Millions to Millennium™ is for experienced entrepreneurs whose inventions, products, services and world contributions will be known one thousand years from now. Imagine that you and I are on a beautiful island with Turquoise water. By day, we work intensely on your master life and business plan. We discover your wildest dreams and create small steps to achieve each and every aspect of your Invincible Vision™.

Our ideal client already has Invincible Vision™. You operate in a level of faith that some other people around you deem exceptional. You have experience with making money in your business and are at a point where you can no longer find do-it-yourself resources online to build, develop, manage and scale your companies.

Many of us have heard sayings like, “Its lonely at the top” and “don’t do business with friends or family” when the truth is, many Fortune 500 companies were started and are operating with friends and/or family at the top. Over the years I have introduced or explored different sayings and concepts such as: “business soulmate “or social capital. One of the things that we put emphasis on within our small retreats and VIP days, is that no one is a “self-made millionaire” and that working together in life and business are essential and normal aspects of developing the right foundations to build businesses that will outlast generations.

My ideal client doesn’t have a desire become a billionaire alone. You operate successfully as an individual however you are also able to communicate your visions and the culture of your company goals to employees whom you work closely you with to oversee company operations.

My ideal client feels connected to a purpose in their life. They aren’t obsessed with money but are compelled by a need to make their own decisions about their time and choices. They feel assigned to a mission that is bigger than their own ability without the necessary resources.

Let me give you a small glimpse of my own Invincible Vision:

I was seven years old when I had a dream that played like a movie. I believe this was the vision that God gave me for my life, a blueprint for how I would live. I’ve kept this extremely close to the vest until now. I lived in a mansion, had a five thousand square foot guest house and another mansion a football field away where we gave orphans a good home. The mansions were surrounded by green grass as far as the eye could see and there was a landing pad in the back with two air craft. After an emergency phone call, I hopped on the plane and went North. Upon arrival to a hospital, I was given a white coat and subsequently spoke to a woman enrolling her son into our residential program who was diagnosed with depression.

There is so much more to this story! What I want you to take from this, is that I have spent over thirty five years with this backdrop of my life in my heart, in the depths of my soul. It has been my great pursuit. I was not born into a wealthy family – in fact, that part of my story is documented too.

I have Invincible Vision, because both faith and vision are my gifts. And, you cannot un see your purpose. The vision at seven years old made my purpose clear to me. In my case, why am I here? To offer healing through Invincible Vision; to help others see so deeply within that they are unmoved by the circumstances surrounding them and are inspired, compelled even, to pursue their own purpose from the womb so that the circle of life, the order of things, can align and impact generations to come.

I have a conglomerate structure; a family of companies built on Invincible Vision™ and what I’m so excited about as a business advisor and online business coach is the opportunity to support you in discovering who you are called to be while implementing the transformational changes that help you fully step into your wildest imagination.


You should work with me because honestly, I’ve never met anyone with my exact story, wisdom or set of skills. I’m not stumbling into my success. I have written down my experiences, the processes from having nothing to the challenges after I’ve “made it”. You should only hire a business coach who has the answers for your most pressing questions and a solution for your pain points. If you are looking for answers that require creativity, vision, infrastructure, blue print, product and service development, branding, marketing and specifically how to be a better CEO, I believe my skillset is the right option for you.
If you are a real estate agent, investor, or otherwise acquainted with real estate and would like to be connected to a business expert with real estate experience, I also believe that my skillset is the right source to support you in growing your businesses.

WHAT ARE YOUR CREDENTIALS? (can you create a timeline graphic?)

Good question. I was first published in a dance magazine at the age of 12, first performed poetry live at 17 (at Northern Virginia Community College) and published my first book at 18. I have written business plans since I was 18. I have been budgeting and learning the credit system since I was 18. I was a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, Real Estate Investor, and a Business & Real Estate Fund Manager.

In addition, I started a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, Glory Soldiers Global (2011) which is now a program under our foundation, The Invincible Vision Foundation that we are launching in (2022). Through Glory Soldiers, my husband and I helped the homeless, taking in homeless people to our home, assisting them with advocacy for
local government and other non-profit programs.

We have been speakers and supporters of the National Coalition for the Homeless. My daughter was the youngest speaker for NCH and we were known as the First Family of the National Coalition for the Homelessness’ Speakers’ Bureau under the oversight of Michael Stoops. I have been a keynote over 20 universities in Auditoriums and in Classrooms such as: George Mason University, Georgetown University, Villanova University, Gallaudet University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Elon University, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, George Washington University, (2013-2016) and for a number of other elementary, middle and high schools in DC & Virginia for the past 25 years. Aside from being a professional speaker at these schools, I won parent volunteer awards and was invited each year to present on career day.

As full time, self-taught business owner over the last 20 years, there are things that I have learned that a text book could not teach me. I believe that although I have been educated, my greatest lessons have come from experience.


Because I am an active Principal Real Estate Broker and Fund Manager, Speaker and Author, I am very specific with my time and only have 12 slots available per class. I take each client extremely seriously, and I am fully invested in your success.


All clients gain access to both an individual one-on-one initiation session with me and a small group grounding retreat that takes place somewhere beautiful. After your individual session and small group retreat, you will meet with me once per week for three months to provide you with support during your implementation phases and then once per month for the remaining twelve months.


We cannot control the outcome of what you do with the information that you receive during coaching. All implementation is up to you. We expect that you will see gradual growth while implementing what you are taught however, we recommend you measure your success over a time period of 18 months. SIGN ME UP NOW!SCHEDULE We will schedule all of our appointments for the first six months at the first session. We will schedule your first session and book your retreat trip with us after full payment has been made.


Most business coaches are charging over $100k for their one-on-one business coaching with executive clients. I have researched this. In light of the pandemic and in light of my taking my business online (vs. offline clients), I am offering a reduced priced of $50,000 for one year if you make a one time payment.


The best clients become friends. While my intention is not to force friendships (and I promise I do not take that word lightly), I will admit that priority is given to applicants who understand the professional assignment and with whom my team and I will bond with during this process. As an entrepreneur, one of the best features of our position in life, is the option to choose whom we will do business with and yes, that means clients too! I look for reciprocity in my connections and people of character and integrity; honesty and a willingness to grow deeply. Our own personal development helps us to become better for ourselves and everyone around us. I also look for people who will not quit on themselves. If you already possess invincible vision, if you already know inside that you are here for a greater purpose then it will aid in what we develop in the lab together.


1.You have no vision. You want to quit your job and own a business because you think it is more special somehow than working for someone else. As a Founder, CEO and Entrepreneur I can tell you that there is no vision in this thought process and no reality in the amount of work required in order to run your own company. You may not see CEOs in the office everyday (or you shouldn’t) but they are not at home sleeping, they are working, longer hours than people who have traditional jobs.2.You do not know your purpose. You should not spend this type of money with me if you have no vision and no purpose. You really need to consider Morsels to Millions™ or another start up program as this program requires that clients are clear on at least three business ideas. An example is someone who wants to run a sports camp, own a hotel and make hair products. It can be anything but you’ve dreamed about successfully running, owning and operating multiple companies.