Lunch & Learn

The Lunch & Learn event provides an opportunity to bring Ressurrection into a corporate environment where she will discuss a variety of wealth building concepts to employees during or in duration not to exceed a lunch hour. A few topics that Ressurrection can speak on during the Lunch & Learn are:

  1. How to move up, move out and move on: a look at buying a new property while selling or renting your current one.
  2. How to build wealth through real estate: a look at how an employee can love their job and own rental properties.
  3. How to choose your real estate team and when to upgrade to meet your strategic business and financial needs.

Ressurrection will speak for 30-45 minutes on a specific topic and then allow 15 – 30 minutes for live Q & A Business & Real Estate Coaching.

To schedule Ressurrection for your corporate office, please fill out the questionnaire below.

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    Ressurrection travels nationally and internationally to speak to corporations, congregations, colleges and universities. She thrives in a room and is at her best connecting at conferences and in environments where people are operating at a higher level, excited to learn how to build an extraordinary life. Ressurrection travels from Washington, DC. Travel, Hotel and Food  accommodations are required to be covered in addition to the speaking fee. Ressurrection travels with 1-3 people depending on the number of people at the event.

    Note: Ressurrection offers 3-5 events per year to non-profit organizations whose events meet her criteria for selection, to give her speaking services as a support to their mission.