My First Tractor Trailer Ride:: How I Learned to say, NO!


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In our attempts to protect children, we have gone from Stranger Danger to Good Touch, Bad Touch. What we have not done is create real-world, age-appropriate examples to guide parents, guardians, teachers and other mandated reporters in helping children feel safe enough to come forward about child sexual abuse grooming and/or child sexual abuse. Ressurrection Graves has bravely opened her soul and shared a traumatic experience that happened with her father to help adults teach 4-5 year-olds how to identify a predator and create a safe talking space for them to prevent or report child sexual abuse. Although this book is written with Ressurrection’s 4-year-old voice, we believe that the simplicity of the message to older children may also encourage reporting.Disclaimers: This book may be a trigger to anyone who has experienced child sexual abuse – whether it has been reported or kept it silent. Please read this book aloud only when and if you’re in a healthy place to read it with the same enthusiasm you would a classic fairy tale. This book is not intended for children to read alone without adult supervision. Each page allows an opportunity to discuss the child’s interpretations of pictures and events. In the unfortunate event that abuse is discovered, immediately contact the child sexual abuse investigative unit in your local police department to speak with a qualified authority on forensic interviewing for child sexual abuse cases. It is further recommended that you immediately seek assistance to remove the child from access to the person/people whom are/have caused the abuse.




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