Ressurrection has over twenty years of hands-on business and entrepreneurship experience. The primary focus within the last five years has been developing an expertise in real estate. Ressurrection is a powerful and thoughtful teacher. She thrives in a room with people who want to learn and you will find that her live business coaching and Q&A during her workshop sessions provide deep revelations, encouragement and inspiration coupled with real solutions to help your students/audience develop a successful business or real estate portfolio. You will benefit most from her presentations when she shares her personal experiences mixed with informative and educated content so that students/audience members maximize their understanding of how to build companies that bring revenue.


  1. How to build wealth through real estate: 3 things every newbie investor needs to know.
  2. How to find the money to start an investing portfolio: 3 ways people find enough money to make a mark in real estate.
  3. How to start a business: 10 things to do to ensure that you are credit worthy, compliant and competent in your new profession.

While Ressurrection’s skillset will allow her to speak on many topics, her business and real estate knowledge woven with her personal story makes her a hot commodity to the stage. You can hire her to speak as a Workshop presenter and/or Keynote.

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    Ressurrection travels nationally and internationally to speak to corporations, congregations, colleges and universities. She thrives in a room and is at her best connecting at conferences and in environments where people are operating at a higher level, excited to learn how to build an extraordinary life. Ressurrection travels from Washington, DC. Travel, Hotel and Food  accommodations are required to be covered in addition to the speaking fee. Ressurrection travels with 1-3 people depending on the number of people at the event.

    Note: Ressurrection offers 3-5 events per year to non-profit organizations whose events meet her criteria for selection, to give her speaking services as a support to their mission.